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Wondering How To Create An App For Free?

How can I develop iPhone apps? You may be asking yourself this question, but what if you have no programming experience? Well, you can Make Your Own App even if you have no experience in programming. Therefore, you will not need to learn massive amounts of code which can take a very long time before seeing any results.

So are you wondering how this is possible and how to create an app for free? Well, it is quite simple, Find a person who has knowledge in programming and pays them a small fee in order to get your application programmed and developed.

Explain to your programmer in detail exactly you want in your particular app. Just come up with a particular idea and explain everything regarding that to the person who is willing to program for you. So to put it, in a nutshell, you act as a project manager for this particular small project. If you want further guidance, then there are quite a lot of resources that are available on the Internet which will definitely help you in the process of how to create iPhone apps.

So after you gain adequate clarity about the particular idea, it is your job to explain everything in a clear way to the person who is ready to program for you. Make sure that you illustrate things well on paper in order to communicate your ideas and thoughts to the person in a proper way. You need to remember the fact that the better you communicate, the better results you get.

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Are You Wondering Where Exactly You Get Programmers?

You can actually place an ad on several of those online classifieds where some freelancers are actually looking for small projects. You will get a good response once you place your ad and you have the freedom to interview a couple of them and find one particular person who knows how to create iPhone apps. This way, things are quite easy for you and you don’t need to move your hands and legs in order to get your things done. All you would require is clarity of your idea and concept and ability to communicate everything in a proper way to the person who is ready to program for you.

Create An App For Free

So make sure that you get everything right in the whole process of getting your apps created. Apart from all these things, make sure that you don’t pay the remuneration to the programmer everything in advance. Pay only a percentage of the whole amount and pay the rest of the amount after you get the work done properly up to your complete satisfaction. This way, there is more chance of you being disappointed with the person.

Create iPhone Apps

If you would like a more in-depth explanation of how to create iPhone apps check out

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How Effectively Ferrari 488 Exhaust System Works

A car performance depends on how effectively its exhaust system works. A lot of people have happened that while they are driving, their cars emit quite a lot of exhaust fumes. Sometimes it is white, sometimes black. If our car is fuming through the exhaust system, pay attention to the color it emits. Sometimes, seeing the color, one can determine what is happening with the engine. Hence the significance of the smoke emitted by the car, Nor should we be alarmed by this fact. This does not mean that we should rebuild the car engine. Before we look at which one is the best for your car, let us first understand how the Ferrari 488 Exhaust System works.

Ferrari 488 Exhaust System Working Parts

These gasses are usually sent out through tubes and pipes and depending on the model; they may flow through the following: Cylinder head and exhaust manifold, Turbocharger, Catalytic Converter and Muffler.

Cylinder Head And Exhaust Manifold

The gasses are collected in cylinder heads which are attached to the exhaust manifold. These are then expelled through a pipe. The materials used in such exhausts can be steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc. This system is assembled and hence takes very less space in the chamber. Because of the ease of production, these are also very reasonably priced. However, the disadvantage in this is that we cannot be sure that all the exhaust from the cylinders is being emitted out.

Turbocharger: Engine Requirements

An engine requires more air than fuel to run smoothly. To make this possible, turbochargers condense the air which is coming into the engine so that more space is not required for the air. The condensation is carried out by the exhaust system only so that no additional machinery is required to be installed.

Catalytic Converter

This system works with the help of a catalyst which changes all the harmful gasses produced from the exhaust to less harmful by-products. Carbon monoxide, for example, changes to carbon dioxide and water vapor. Such exhausts systems for cars are found on the outer side of the vehicle. Here you can find more info about Audi R8 Exhaust.


Muffler, also known as the silencer, is used to reduce the noise which is created by the exhaust. Combustion produces a huge amount of sound, and a muffler neutralizes this. More info about Ferrari 488 exhaust system clicks here.

Ferrari 488 Exhaust System

There are many companies who manufacture these exhaust machines. Champion Motorsport is one such company who has continued to produce the best products and has carved a niche for itself. Be it any model, Ferrari 488 exhaust system need a lot of care and attention. With the presence of many threats to the environment, pollution from vehicles should be given utmost importance as it is in the owner’s hands.

The most common problem in exhausts is corrosion, commonly known as rust. The combustion process produces moisture, and when this comes in contact with the metal, rust is formed. If you are using your vehicle to travel short distances, there are more chances of corrosion as the moisture does not get a chance to be evaporated and settles inside. Regular tests should be carried out to avoid such situations.

Every vehicle comes with its own exhaust system designed by the manufacturer. However, if you wish to have a Tubi Style Exhaust for your vehicle, you can contact, as they are the best in the industry and offer products at reasonable prices.

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Rejestracja Czasu Pracy |Benefits Of Biometric Kontrola Dostepu

Rejestracja czasu pracy biometrics is practical, fast, easy to use, accurate, reliable and suitable for both Kontrola dostepu and assistance applications:

Biometrics cannot be shared, lent, stolen, copied, falsified or divided.

Biometrics cannot be lost and do not need to be stored safely.

Biometric identification protects the individual against identity theft.

Biometric identification protects the employer. Employees or subcontractors can be erased within seconds who prevents the risk of an ex-employee using a company ID card or doubling a key.

Kontrola Dostepu: Biometric Access Best For Your Business

There is no such thing as biometric “perfect” access that suits all needs. All Rejestracja czasu pracy biometric systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. The “best” system is the one that adapts to your infrastructure, culture and performance needs. 

Hand geometry readers work in extreme temperatures and dusty environments.

The recognition of the fingerprint occupies a prominent place in the precision and has the lowest cost.

Fingerprint and Hand geometry systems are fast and therefore suitable for large organizations.

In medical or industrial environments where the fingers are easily soiled or injured, the geometry of the hand is practical.

When hygiene is important or where religious traditions make offensive contact, facial geometry is a good choice.

Rejestracja Czasu Pracy Advantages

It provides a convenient and low-cost additional security level.

Reduce fraud by using technologies and materials that are difficult to counterfeit. Minimize the opportunity for identity fraud and assistance fraud.

Eliminates problems caused by IDs of lost and forgotten passwords by using physiological attributes. For example, prevent unauthorized use of “borrowed,” stolen and lost identification cards.

  • It reduces the costs of password management.
  • It replaces hard-to-remember passwords that can be shared and observed.
  • It makes it possible, automatically, to know who did what, where and when!
  • It offers significant cost savings by increasing productivity in areas such as preventing loss of time and attendance.
  • Unequivocally binds an individual to a transaction or event.

At PTC Security Systems

Based on all the advantages and benefits offered by PTC SECURITY SYSTEMS, we help you increase the output of your staff by improving the return on investment of your business. PTC Security Systems have the best products and technology in Biometric Access Control, and we are certified to offer you the best service and installation to control the personnel of your company.

Visit here for more info

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Best Boekhoudprogramma For Your Business

Small, Medium and Large business today are mostly all running some form of accounting software. As their processes get more complex of they hire more people they may find a need for Boekhoudprogramma that instantly provides important information that is essential for a successful and growing business.

If you are interested in acquiring accounting software, then the first places people usually try is google and explore the huge amount of results. It is true that if you just type the accounting software keyword in the search engine, then you will find a vast amount of resources, some more useful than others. Researching and exploring each company’s website and software offerings can be a very time-consuming task. A potential accounting software buyer should look into areas such as is local support offered, how long has the software been around and what customer case studies or testimonials are provided.

Requirements For Your Next Boekhoudprogramma

If you deeply your requirements for your next accounting software system then it will make your decision easier. You are at this instant on the right track with a well-established business case for why your company needs to upgrade or change its financial system. Areas you should now consider are which parts of a system doing you require. These are commonly referred to as ‘modules.’ Some important modules required by businesses include core financials, inventory management, project costing, business intelligence, CRM solutions and there are plenty more too!

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The Financial Module

The Financial module will sit at the center of your organization and all financial records such as purchases, expenses and sales will be recorded in this area. The inventory accounting software module keeps track of your purchasing and selling of your goods between your customers and suppliers. In addition to these accounting software modules, you will also find the industry solutions, which are suited even more to industries which they are aimed at.

Boekhoudprogramma provided by a more established company offers added benefits. Since they have been around for longer, they have had time to ‘polish’ the system, therefore, providing the best customer satisfaction. Most websites you visit will provide you the complete information regarding its accounting software as if it is offered you should download the brochures, case studies, even the software itself to test it out.

Business Requirements

The accounting software provided in the market today can be extended according to your business requirements. This is called customization software. Sage bob 50: If your business is growing fast and you have chosen a more customization solution, then you don’t need to worry about the change in software as you can simply utilize the module suits or individual modules to extend your software.

On the top of your list for aspects to consider should be the company customer service. If you are not capable of speaking with a real person over the phone or see them in person, then it may not be surprised if things don’t change after you have purchased. Some accounting software websites will allow all of this as well as full business analysis so that you are sure the software suits your business.

Choose The Best Boekhoudprogramma

In summary, be aware of the flexibility your accounting software will allow you, if you are in a rapidly changing business then you will need to be able to choose from a range of modules or customize part of the system. Customizing your accounting software can lead to troubles down the line so make sure you can customize the system easily, or things could end up being quite expensive? Good accounting software will allow you to extend from a single user to 100 or more users you can easily apply the accounting software modules even to extend it to full multi-currency.

If you are interested to buy accounting software, then the first place is The accounting software provided in the market today can be extended according to your business requirements. Facturatieprogramma en boekhoudprogramma –Kostenbesparing dankzij elektronische facturatie
TELEFOON : 03.772.22.36
Or Visit

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Split System Air Conditioners Advantages | Airco Installateur In Ninove

Compared to the nuisance from tubes and channel work related to installing normal air conditioners and room air conditioners, the split system air conditioners has grown in popularity among clients today. Airco Installateur In Ninove: Split system air conditioners doesn’t need any duct work or holes in your walls just to provide cooler air that is where a split system air conditioners is ideal.

When purchasing items such as the a split system air conditioners it  is always a good idea to decide exactly where you going to install your split system air conditioners and consider the look and feel that you are after. You may employ a professional to visit and offer the best advice on placement of your air conditioner system to get the value for your money. Correct placement is a crucial factor. Many people and corporations like the ease of the installation of split system air conditioners because they are less disruption and space required compared to than other type’s air conditioners the split system air conditioners is much easy to install. For airco installateur in Ninove:

Split system air conditioners have a compressor that’s positioned outside of the room or establishment while its condenser is installed or mounted within the room.  This makes the split system air conditioners much quieter than other types of air conditioners,. With the split system air conditioners, you do not have to put a hole in the walls for installing split types. You just need to establish the right spot or spot in which you like to position the condenser for the split system air conditioners.

Since most models or designs of split system air conditioners are free standing or upright, you can choose the colors that suit the inside of your office, room, or home.

Airco Installateur In Ninove: Advantages

Aside from providing cooler air to any area you would like it stationed, a split system air conditioner saves so much space. In reality for split system air conditioners could also serve as an element of your interior design with the range of designs available particularly in empty spaces. Split air conditioners can supply you safety and privacy as it can serve as cover against any trespasser in your neighborhood.

Split Airco Koelen Ninove: Being cool but just as important to be safe is important. Importantly split system air conditioners produce much smaller noise as compared against regular window type or central air-conditioning systems. This is as the noise coming from the compressor is outside of the area needing cooling and not in the room with you or the split system air conditioners. You would be unable to hear the noise that most compressors from window type air conditioners produce as the compressor of split system air conditioners is positioned outside, perfect. When selecting split system air conditioners, it’s a good idea to decide where you need them placed as well as the scale of the area you would like it stationed to get most satisfactory results in particulars of cooling. 

Find The Best Airco Installateur In Ninove
Tel:  0477 / 94 49 93                
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Portable Stage For School Sheffield UK

Our stage is entirely demount-able and modular, yet when in place resembles a permanent bit of furniture. It’s very difficult to visualize that, if there’s not furniture within the apartment, especially in a studio. Along with portable stage for school in addition to the choice for custom make to supply a complete and easy staging solution for your own school On top of that, portable staging means that you can create the ideal size stage for unique events and venues and even enhance your system as your own needs change


Everything which you need to begin in your staging business, in one comprehensive course! We’re here to help you select the proper stage system for your demands and budget!


The very first benefit it is simple to pick-up the entire stage and relocates to a brand-new place for a brand new performance. Portable stage for school Sheffield UK is easy to establish and store. There are some staging brands out there, and we’ve taken the time to reassess these for you.


Study how to recognize and address the critical factors to prepare a stage for sale properly, to give your clients using an excellent experience, plus a thriving outcome, each time. Finally, a house stage training regime designed with you in mind, to provide you with the answers to the questions which you’ll have when you begin your business. Not valid which has any other offer. This is sometimes done by one person with no difficulties. Without the correct stage your show, function or play couldn’t become a success.


We are very satisfied with the risers. The stage is compiled of quite a few interlocking parts. If that’s the area, it generally does not disappoint.


Occasionally, we might fill our warehouse inventory from various other suppliers. You are able to seek the services of the staging and boards which you require at a price that is certainly affordable. Out-of-stock items will undoubtedly be reserved and dispatched when the brand new stock arrives. Contractors should ensure they are competent to perform work and ensure they have access to relevant, current info and guidance. Can be used with handrail systems Rubber inserts for extra grip. The 1-Person Load is put at mid-span. Along with the putlog couplers (debated above), In addition, there are putlog tubes.

Portable Stage For School Sheffield UK

To meet the most recent health and security standards, the staging boards ought to be used together with a handrail system. Multiple configurations can be accomplished from even the most fundamental kits, and extra modules and accessories put into suit growing requirements. Single couplers aren’t load-bearing couplers and don’t have any design capacity. The tubes come in some lengths along with a typical diameter of 48.3 mm.


In the last several years quite a few innovations have meant a heightened scope of use for scaffolding, for example, ladder beams for spanning spaces that can’t accommodate standards and the greater use of sheeting and structure to generate temporary roofs. In cases like this, not only could be the board be used as a bridge between at least two towers. Also, it serves an s a walkway. They usually purchase the staging board to straddle at least two aluminum Towers. By its very nature, the scaffold consists only of the individual row of standards with an individual ledger. The spacing’s of the fundamental elements within the support are quite standard. These use an opening within the structure but make use of a tube wedged horizontally within the opening.


As the result of quite a busy sale last month as well as a prosperous on-line auction we’re very short of machinery in the primary yard. Because of the different nature of structures, there are a number of different ties to benefit from the opportunities. You are able to seek the services of quite a few different varieties of trestles for your job. By using staging boards, this may also reduce how many towers you will require on this particular job.

Buy The Best Portable Stage In Sheffield UK

NexGen Portable stage & accessories. Staging hand rails fits most portable stage brands. Available in 1m and 520mm widths, for use on mid to high staging platforms, steps, and choir tiers. Fit this stage handrail in less than 2 minutes. The Portable Stage with no locks. Strong, Fast, Light & Height Adjustable. NexGen Portable Stage Packages & Accessories available for school staging, event staging, and choir staging. The UK Manufactured staging Visit official website

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Best Way To BackUp And Print Text Messages From iPhone

Some free apps to take a backup of iPhone SMS file and keep them save on the PC or a Web Server

Text messaging is today an essential tool for numerous users. Read more about ways to Print SMS From iPhone. Twenty years after its birth, messages can be essential to the everyday. Protecting them also, either for an emotional concern or since they have valuable information.

Though the huge majority of Android phones have no problem keeping great deals of messages, numerous computer systems are set up to eliminate the previous ones, typically when your inbox build up more than 200 messages.

Here are a list of some applications to back-up and PRINT SMS.


There are a big variety of applications, made specifically in performing this job. Therefore, the SMS Backup + FREE application enables you to automate the procedure, and makes whenever a message receives or sent out one, is immediately copied to a GMAIL account; Will look like an e-mail with the SMS label however concealed from the Inbox. The alternative application is SMS Backup & Restore also FREE that makes a regular copy to the internal memory of the phone.​

In both cases, the application enables you to refill the messages on your phone, no matter the make or design of Android. Check this link to read more about print SMS​


The most convenient method to keep messages safe is BlackBerry Protect – a FREE application offered by RIM that immediately copies messages, along with contacts, calendar, and other phone functions; Also enables to recuperate them.​

​Free SMS Backup application permits you to copy messages – in real time or once a day, sending them to an email account that specifies the user.


Nokia’s main software for the PC – called Suite, is a free app permits you to support and handle your messages from your computer system. An alternative, which strictly deals with any phone that supports the basic SyncML, is SMS Reader For PC (FREE) able to copy messages to the PC.​


In APPLE’S mobile phone, utilizing iTunes – free, for PC/ Mac, permits you to support all your phone’s contents, consisting of text messages. They can also be kept in CLOUD, although the application Does not allow access to messages directly.​

The alternative is to utilize an application like Print SMS From iPhone — another free app that permits to check out the contents of that backup to extract out the messages, as well as print SMS to save as a paper copy.​

​For more read “How to print text messages from iPhone”, visit here:

Best App To Print SMS From iPhone

Easy Print SMS is a free app, authorized by Microsoft, works best for windows phone. It is an easy to use app that print SMS from iPhone, Android and Window phone to PC – The best SMS management application throughout the world! You can download either from google play-store or directly download from the company site at​

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The Secret of Successful Technology

Walking with an unstable gait, tripping, bumping into things, stumbling down the stairs, not being able to see clearly at times, fatigue, not being able to remember a specific word, name or phrase, not remembering what I’m doing, and so on are just some of the daily challenges I try to put in the back of my mind until it takes front and center stage as it did last night.  As I was getting ready for bed in our bedroom, my legs decided to “give out” on me, but fortunately, I fell on the bed and not the floor. I decided to go to sleep right then and there.  After chatting with a few people online who also have multiple sclerosis from the confinements of my bed via the Blackberry, I learned this is common with some people.   This morning my doctor gave me a few suggestions including using a cane (!).  I guess I wont be running anytime soon.

As I write this, it actually sounds worse than it really is but restrictions such as not being able to walk straight or worse, having increasingly poor cognitive skills are constant reminders of my limitations. Fear of falling down the stairs or worse are thoughts I try not to dwell on. Putting my pumps away in storage and searching for more ballerina flats online to replace my “cute and sexy” footwear is a minor lifestyle change that I do welcome in a way.  Hey, its shopping!

Working at home on my website, blogging, conducting personal relationships, running errands, household chores, etc is difficult at times but manageable. The real challenge and sometimes shame and embarrassment happens at work.  Awkward, clumsy, forgetful, distracted are just some of feelings I try to dismiss. The fear of someone noticing some of my challenges sometimes flash across my mind.

I’m sure I’m making too much of what others think but I did feel the need to tell my human resource manager last week about what I’m dealing with. I don’t remember my motive for telling him at the time, (it may have been fear) but I’m glad I did. Time off for doctors appointments and possible rest days were some of the things we discussed. When he gets back from his vacation next week, we will go over ADA policies, and my short and long-term disability benefits – if it comes to that.  Hopefully, it wont.

It’s now the end of the work week and I’m glad it went by relatively fast for me. The next two weeks will be pretty busy with a spinal MRI scheduled for Tuesday morning and leaving for Portland Wednesday evening for several days. My mother is having surgery the day I get back so I will need to be there for her.  I also need to decide if I should attend an expo for Green and Chic  in early March in southern California, though my Neurologist did tell me I should take a few days off from work. I guess a part of me is still in denial of my need to take it easy.  This will be something for me to ponder this weekend.

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The Ultimate Secret Of Technology

One of my favorite bloggers, Vered with Mom Grind recently published Sleepless.  Upon opening this post, you will see a beautiful photo of her daughter happily doing what kids do best.  Vered then goes into her feelings of uncertainty and anxiety about the future.  The post is real, heartfelt and familar in so many ways.

I had similar feelings about my own future just last night. When I turned 30 on December 1st, I was more hopeful than I ever have been in my life. I have a wonderful fiancé, stable job, growing business, and a lot to look forward to in general. This was after a life threatening marriage, divorce, financial difficulties, health problems, loss of a baby and so on over the past ten years.  Things were now looking up.

My recent diagnosis changed those feelings a bit. Just a bit.

Though my life is not in danger literally and figurtively, I still wonder about the “what ifs” , “whats going to happen when…?” and “what will my life look like in 1…5…10+ years from now?”

Those fears were more alive last night as I was searching the bedroom for a quart size zip lock bag to pack away the sundries I want to carry on the plane with me later today.  While patting my hand on a high shelf in one of my closets feeling  for the plastic bags, I felt my legs “give out” again. (I still haven’t figured out what they call this phonomenom yet).  I had enough time to carefully sit on the floor before my body totally gave out.  This time the feeling extended to my arms.  It only lasts for about ten seconds and I was able to slowly get up (with my new stylish cane) and keep packing.

While sitting on the chaise lounge in the living room later, I thought about if I would be able to have children.  Technically, Multiple Sclerosis does not affect fertility or the ability to carry a healthy baby to term, but my concerns are more for the caring and raising of a child.  Would I be able to come to the aid of a crying baby?  Would I be able to run after a toddler?  Play in the park? Would I have the energy to do any of these things let alone go through pregnancy in one piece?  I thought about the later years in childhood: parent/teacher conferences, family vacations, birthday parties, first dates, any illness, crises, and major events that happens in the coure of a life.   Would I still be walking? Will my kids have to care for me while they are still young?  Steve is healthy and vibrant but still 21 years older.  Will he have the energy later?

I stapped back into where I was right now: Tuesday night gazing out the window watching the half moon in the sky.  I wondered how healthy is it to think about these things. Where should I draw the line? I know we have to plan for our future and give careful consideration to major decisions like having a child, but maybe its better for me to live right now.  Silly as it may sound, I thought about the moon and how it doesnt have to worry about survival, it just does. I then got up and finished packing for the trip.

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Can it be done? 8

For the first time in years, I was able to enjoy time off work during the holiday season which allowed me  to think about what I want out of life over the next few years.  Turning thirty on December 1st was the perfect opportunity for me mull over the choices I made over the past ten years.  I have learned so much from some of the mistakes I have made in the past and I had high hopes that the next ten will not be the same in so many ways.  Not only did I learn from a lot of the mistakes I made, but I made major accomplishments in my health, relationships and living situation.

In 2008, one of my goals was to become a business owner and/or freelancer and eventually give up my 9-5 (more like 8:00 – 6:00) to work for myself or at least cut back my work hours.  In October, I started Green + Chic (though the planning came long before that).  I knew I would have to work hard at it, but it was one of those things you truly don’t know until you are actually doing it.  I figured since we don’t have kids and my commute is about 15 minutes each way by car, I can do it.  Why not? I’m still young!

Spending long days and nights adding products to my website, contacting potential vendors, fixing HTML issues on the site, marketing, social networking, learning WordPress, writing, blogging, attending local conferences and events and so much more was enough to have me totally fried by Tuesday.  This doesn’t include managing personal relationships, keeping up with my health and fitness, housekeeping, and the 45+ hour a week job.  Eventually, “burnt” was a regular feeling for me.  I figured this is what I need to  do to succeed.  Besides, Bill Gates didn’t get to where he is now by being “lazy” (not that I want to be a billionaire or anything like that, but you get my point). I thought about the  people I know who go to school, work full-time, and have kids – so whats the deal?  I just need to work my way through this phase and eventually I will reach my goal even if it takes years.  Besides, I actually like what I’m doing sans the day-job.  A little hard work has never killed anyone.

Last Friday

While leaving work early to rush to my doctor’s appointment, I thought about the workload I was leaving my co-works and felt a little guilty that I had to take more time off work this week while they picked up the slack.  That feeling quickly passed as I was glad to be out of work – even if it was to take care of other business. As I climbed the stairs to reach the third floor of the small medical building, I figured my doctor wouldn’t have anything earth shattering to say to me.  Maybe “rest”, “take XYZ” and “come back in a few months”.

My fiancee was just a few minutes behind me and my eyes lit up as he walked through the door to sit with me in the small lobby. We held hands and made small talk before the Neurologist greeted us and led us to his office.  He had some good news and bad news for me.  The good new is, I didn’t have Lyme’s Disease, heavy metal poisoning (led, mercury, arsenic, etc) and my B12 is in the normal range.  “The bad news is you have multiple sclerosis”, he said to me almost in a whisper.  I wish he gave me the bad news first.

That next hour spent in his office was almost a blur. Analyzing MRI slides of my brain taken the day before, having everything spelled out to me in plain English, reviewing my current symptoms, going over treatment options, lifestyle changes and so on.  Some of the main points I do remember was him counting the number of lesions I have in my brain and his concern that I have so many in and near my brain stem.  He also mentioned that my sometimes heavy fatigue is also a part of this disease.  Somehow I though that he would tell me that “its normal and you will have to fight through it”.  Instead he told me to rest as much as I need to.  Even if it was in the middle of my work day, I need, to not resist my urge to sleep or rest.  He also suggested the unthinkable: reducing my hours or maybe taking a few days off a month.

Wow, not only was I just diagnosed with an incurable disease, but I was told that everything much change starting now.  No more staying up past 10:00PM  (or past 1:00AM) to work on my site.  No more toughing it out though my days and weeks, and a lot of other things.

Instead of working on my website and blogging, I spend the weekend telling my mother and my brother, researching treatment options, medication side-effects, browsing a local bookstore, looking for a support group in the area, contemplating telling my employer if I decide take time off every now and then, going over my benefit information and so on.

At the end of the long Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, I cried myself to sleep with Steve.  Will I continue to do Green + Chic and other projects I’m currently pursuing?   Though its enjoyable, it does take a lot of time and energy out of me.  It seems like a catch-22 that now more than ever I don’t want to rely on an employer to be stable, but I don’t know how to get to the point that  I wont need to work for “The Man”  without killing myself.  Health insurance is another huge problem.  I had pre-existing conditions in the past that kept me from getting private insurance, but I had hope that it would eventually pass or that I could prove that I’m insurable, but the MS diagnosis  was the final nail in the coffin.

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